Gippsland, Victoria

After Tasmania, we only stayed for two nights in Melbourne, just enough to visit the Victoria Markets to buy fancy cheese and beeswax. I want to make my own waxed cotton lunch wraps, the latest eco items, which are ridiculously expensive to buy for what they are. I am on a save-the-world-trip, hence want to […]


Isn’t it amazing what life can pack into one small year? Two beautiful weddings: my niece Anna & her Alex and my friend’s daughter and long term boyfriend; the sad loss of Roddy’s mum; Roddy’s daughter Alex reinventing herself by completing a course in aged care and getting a job despite her own struggles; Paul […]

Wine, Wedding, Warfare and Winching

Oops, three months ago I wrote the last blog. I had just come back from driving the motorhome back from Adelaide to Perth all on my tod. Since then we initially spent around 6 weeks in Perth doing our best to support Roddy’s daughter. I’m glad to report that she seems to be so much […]

Scotland – From the Beast from the East to the Heatwave of 2018

Whit! Another Blog from her? Yes, sorry for the blog surge but now that I feel free to blog again, I will! You might remember that Roddy and I spent a month in Scotland for Christmas and up until his mum’s birthday at the end of January. Then we returned to Perth and had intended […]