Isn’t it amazing what life can pack into one small year? Two beautiful weddings: my niece Anna & her Alex and my friend’s daughter and long term boyfriend; the sad loss of Roddy’s mum; Roddy’s daughter Alex reinventing herself by completing a course in aged care and getting a job despite her own struggles; Paul […]

Brazil was a Blast! Rio was Riveting! The Wedding was Way out of this World!

Twelve and a half years ago I glimpsed a short article in the Ayrshire Post, not a rag I used to read regularly but, as fate determined, I did that week. In this article the sympathetic writer was appealing for a local family to become host family for a Boy from Brazil who wanted to […]

The Alarm is off – it’s all relative!

Back in rainy winter Perth, we are installed at Karrinyup Waters in Gwelup, a very pleasant campsite. Up until yesterday around midday, I was an emotional wreck, “built close to the water” as my mother would have said – a German expression, plus a sick feeling in the stomach and trouble sleeping. But then we […]