Southwest WA – Beauty on a Grand Scale

Southwest WA – Beauty on a Grand Scale Since leaving Perth we have been on the move a lot. We have seen and done so much, that blog writing has not been my priority, but I do want to keep an account of our journey for myself if nothing else, so here goes. The southwest […]

The Alarm is off – it’s all relative!

Back in rainy winter Perth, we are installed at Karrinyup Waters in Gwelup, a very pleasant campsite. Up until yesterday around midday, I was an emotional wreck, “built close to the water” as my mother would have said – a German expression, plus a sick feeling in the stomach and trouble sleeping. But then we […]

And off we go!

Finally and at last, treatment is finished. The last scheduled PET scan has been had and the result showed no remaining trace of the dreaded melanoma or any other cancer cell cursing through his body. We are free to travel, returning to Perth for six-monthly PET scans, the next one booked for October. Looking back […]

Why write a blog?

For some time I have been thinking about writing a blog. Somehow it feels like I have to justify this choice because it seems a little self-indulgent. However, I guess it is one way of expressing myself. Many years ago a friend asked me what I used as ‘an outlet for my creativity’. He was […]