Crocs Rule!

When he was about 12 years old, my son Paul wrote a letter to Steve Irwin in the far away country of Oz, asking if he could work at Australia Zoo when he was older. Several months later Paul received a big fat letter from Australia Zoo telling him that they normally give preference to […]

Sydney. The hype is real!

Excitement ran high, driving to Sydney on a rainy day, downhill all the way from the Blue Mountains at over 1000m to sea level. This was always going to be a great day. An early omen of greatness was seeing The Ghan chugging alongside us, parallel to the road. This huge train normally runs from […]

Gippsland, Victoria

After Tasmania, we only stayed for two nights in Melbourne, just enough to visit the Victoria Markets to buy fancy cheese and beeswax. I want to make my own waxed cotton lunch wraps, the latest eco items, which are ridiculously expensive to buy for what they are. I am on a save-the-world-trip, hence want to […]