I am Renate Drauz and this is my website. Here you will find my blog in SHOW. The blog will mainly focus on our trip around Australia but also on other interests of mine and my husband’s.

This website is also meant to be a vehicle for the Drauz, Macduff and Drauz-Brown clans to connect and communicate.

I am originally from the south-west of Germany and grew up in the Baden Württemberg town of Heilbronn where I went to school. Later I studied English and Spanish in Würzburg and Heidelberg. In 1987 I moved to Glasgow in Scotland and somehow ended up staying there, living mainly in Troon for 28 years until Autumn 2015. I have three great, now adult kids: Paul, Tina and Jane. In 2015 I emigrated to Perth in Western Australia, my second husband Roddy being the reason.
My interests are travel, teaching (I am an English teacher), reading (anything from literary fiction via crime fiction to news articles from all over, as well as Facebook and Twitter) my blog, baking, cycling, walking, fishing, swimming, snorkelling, body boarding and I am still planning to learn playing the guitar properly. I am also hankering after learning a new language – Gaelic perhaps?

My husband, Roderick Macduff, is Scottish by birth. He is a retired engineer who has lived in Scotland, England and, since 1989, in Australia. He is a man of many interests, has a passion for learning and all things Radio. We met online in 2009 and have been very much together since then, getting married in 2014 on the bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond.